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On Wednesday night of 11 May, I welcomed the Government’s limited stand against the draft directive on the EU’s introduction of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, for the reasons given in the motion endorsing the European Scrutiny Committee’s report. I remain concerned, however, about one matter still hanging over the debate. It all goes back to a motion that was before a European Standing Committee which asserted, in the name of the Government, probably for the first time since 1640 – at the time of Pym and Hampden – that the British Government, as a sovereign Government, were only “primarily” responsible for direct taxation, whereas in fact our Parliament is exclusively responsible for it.

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The BBC reports: "Tory MP Bill Cash said the UK was "potentially exposed" to a 4bn euro (£3.4bn) rescue of Portugal's economy after its debt crisis worsened."

 Moreover, it says "In an urgent question in the House of Commons, Mr Cash said the mechanism "involves the UK underwriting approximately 8bn euros to eurozone countries until 2013", and urged the prime minister to renegotiate arrangements underpinning it at Friday's summit of EU leaders. "

The Press Association reports: "Tory Bill Cash, chairman of the cross-party Commons European Scrutiny Committee, called on David Cameron to make that commitment at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels."

Bill Cash @ ConservativeHomePlatform: "If there is any question of the Prime Minister agreeing to the new European Stability Mechanism, this should require a quid pro quo, namely that the British taxpayer should be relieved of the obligation to underwrite any bailout of eurozone countries by repealing the existing European Financial Stability Mechanism - which the European Scrutiny Committee, of which I am Chairman, described as “legally unsound”." Please read the post here.

Mr William Cash (Stone) (Con): (Urgent Question): To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the decision described as the draft decision in the motion to approve the treaty change on the European financial stability mechanism without a referendum, which was passed by the House yesterday, is now under review.

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On 25 January, Bill Cash MP made the following speech in the House of Commons on the Committee stage of the European Union Bill, urging MPs to vote for an amendment so that a parliamentary Act and a referendum would be necessary in the case that a decision is made to extend the use of the European Financial Stability Mechanism to Member States, particularly with concerns over Portugal and Spain, beyond the crisis of the Republic of Ireland.

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In a speech in the House of Commons on 2nd February, Bill Cash ,MP for Stone, made the following intervention, after the Court of Auditors failed to pass the European Commission’s accounts for the 16th year running

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It is well known that the European Court of Auditors for the 16th year in a row has not signed the EU accounts. Yesterday, the House of Commons debated the implementation of the 2009 EU budget. During the debate Bill Cash made the following interventions:

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Bill Cash @ ConservativeHome: "We must therefore veto any Treaty for economic governance, fiscal, social and similar policies. These will massively affect us even if the Treaty applies only to the eurozone, as a leader in The Times (£) (13th January) has indicated.

"The Times also called for a referendum on such a Treaty under the EU Bill but this is shut out by the Clause 4 exemption. The Government should accept our amendments to get this right.

"Stopping EU economic governance and repatriating EU regulations would transform the UK economic landscape. Both require unravelling existing EU legislation. The EU Bill deals only with the future and not the effect on us of the present EU crisis. We should amend the European Union Bill now, in the Report stage, before it is too late." Read the post here.