Referendum Yes men are sabotaging Ireland

There have been several untruths, both general and specific, spread about Lisbon and what would happen if the Irish people voted Yes. For example, contrary to what Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has said on spreading falsehoods about the Lisbon Treaty in the current economic climate “is tantamount to national sabotage”, surely the Yes campaign is tantamount to national sabotage, since it tells untruth after untruth about the EU and Ireland’s economic recovery, the country’s future political position in the EU and gives incorrect assurances to the Irish people saying that they are protected from EU changes to the law on abortion, taxation and defence, when those assurances are not part of the Lisbon treaty (Judge Frank Clarke, Chairman of the Referendum Commission) and are not EU law – so Lisbon would in fact lead to changes on abortion, taxation and defence.

Again, on the issue of the Commissioner, contrary to what Micheál Martin has said, “… if we have a No outcome, we don’t have any guarantee in the future that we will have a commissioner every year, and that’s a fundamental change in terms of the campaign last year”, there continues to be no concrete agreement at any key EU summit demonstrating that the arrangement on Commissioners would continue forever. Furthermore, instead of the Irish Government deciding who Ireland’s Commissioner is, under Lisbon, it will be Germany, France and the United Kingdom deciding. Lisbon results in a shift from a bottom-up process for appointing EU Commissioners to a top-down one that benefits other and usually larger EU states. The Irish Government’s White Paper ignored that fact. The promise of EU Prime Minister’s or Presidents that every member state will continue to have its own national Commissioner after Lisbon is false.

Under the existing Treaties, the Council and the Commission President adopts the list of the Commissioners in accordance with the proposals made by each Member State. However, under the Lisbon Treaty such a list will not be based on “proposals” but “suggestions” made by Member States. Hence, each Member State will suggest different candidates, and the Council and the President will choose from thereon in. However, they still have to be subject to the “vote of consent” of the European Parliament which complicates Ireland’s situation even further. This provision will significantly limit the influence of Ireland and for that matter, many of the other Member States, when it would have been much easier and more democratic for each Member State to appoint one Commissioner.

One thought on “Referendum Yes men are sabotaging Ireland

  1. pmauroy

    The Lisbon Treaty is a rat trap that puts people in cages
    and contributes to the reign of Banksters.
    It is vital to delay the possible ratification.
    We absolutely need time to inform our citizens about the perversity of a system that abandons the democratic process and derived a forced march to the satisfaction of powerful special interests to the detriment of general interest.
    We need time to warn people about the realities of the Bilderberg meetings, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, etc. …
    All these circles undemocratic working under cover for decades and grow to a new world order where people no longer have their say.
    We need time to allow people to become aware of the real objectives of the New World Order.
    The treaty must be thoroughly amended to give latitude to the democratic expression:
    > Freedom of expression and opposition should be more explicitly encouraged.
    > The fight against the illegal actions of lobbying – from financial groups, ideological and industrial – must be clearly
    > The fight against the lies and corruption of the powerful must be included as a right of every citizen and sanctions of dismissal and disqualification should be the rule.
    > Transparency of debates and votes in Parliament must be total (video recording sessions available to every citizen, minutes of meetings available to all citizens)
    The Lisbon Treaty is not in this sense and for this reason it should not be ratified.


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