Pamphlets, Reports & Working Papers published by the European Foundation

Stop the EU, I want to get off
By Bill Cash, MP
25 March 2015

The EU single market - a positive way forward
By Bill Cash, MP and Bernard Jenkin, MP
17 January 2013

Message for Amsterdam
By Bill Cash, MP
17 January 2013

No backsliding at EU summit
By The European Foundation
30 January 2012

UK Growth strategy: harsh EU realities and weasel words
By Bill Cash, MP
14 November 2011

“It’s the EU, Stupid”
By Bill Cash, MP
5 September 2011

Saving the British economy for the British people
By Bill Cash, MP
8 March 2011

European Union hypocrisy over Egyptian regime – the discrepancy between generous EU funding and demands for democratisation
By The European Foundation
23 February 2011

Government obliged to reconsider EU failure and new measures to deal with volcanic ash
By Jim McConalogue and Margarida Vasconcelos
23 June 2010

“European Economic Government” –the new juncture for David Cameron’s renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the European Union at the summit on 17-18 June 2010
By Margarida Vasconcelos and James McConalogue
June 2010

Surveillance State: European Commission plans EU-wide information sharing of UK taxpayers’ details
By Margarida Vasconcelos and Jim McConalogue
28 September 2009

The Lisbon Report: An analysis of the Lisbon Treaty with specific amendments and briefings for the House of Lords
By Bill Cash, MP, James McConalogue, Margarida Vasconcelos and John Laughland
April 2008

European Reform Forum: Reform of the existing European Treaties
21 December 2005

The Strangulation of Britain & British Business
By Bill Cash, MP and Bill Jamieson
29 March 2004

The European Constitution - A Political Time-Bomb: Returning Real Power to Britain, Westminster and You
By Bill Cash, MP
8 October 2003

Submission to the Commission to Strengthen Parliament
By Bill Cash
12 July 2001

Constructive Opposition to the Nice Treaty -- the dangers of European integration
By Bill Cash, MP
3 July 2001

Not Nice at all revisited: A preliminary analysis of the Nice Treaty
By Bill Cash, MP
December 2000

European Integration and Government: Dangers for the United States
By Bill Cash, MP
October 2000

Associated, Not Absorbed - the Associated European Area: a constructive alternative to a single European State
By Bill Cash MP
September 2000

Britain and Europe: Challenging questions for Tony Blair, Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine
By Bill Cash MP
October 1999

British and German National Interests
By Bill Cash MP
September 1998

Economic and Monetary Union: what would it really mean for me?
By James Barr and Matthew Elliott
August 1998

The Blue Paper: a Response to the Government's White Paper
By Bill Cash MP
20 March 1996

A Response to Chancellor Kohl: A European Germany or a German Europe?
By Bill Cash MP

Are we really winning on Europe?
By Bill Cash MP
15 July 1995

The Bournemouth Speeches
By Bill Cash MP, Sir James Goldsmith and the Rt Hon Lord Tebbit
11 October 1994

A Conservative Europe: 1994 and Beyond
By Iain Duncan Smith MP, Bernard Jenkin MP, Barry Legg MP, John Whittingdale MP and Walter Sweeney MP
February 1994