Yesterday the Prime Minister gave evidence to the Liaison Committee, Sir William Cash made the following questions:

Sir William Cash: Good afternoon, Prime Minister. When you opened, you referred to a joined-up approach. My European Scrutiny Committee has called on our ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, to see us shortly. He made some pretty controversial remarks the other day. Complementary to these activities across the board in COREPER and UKRep—United Kingdom permanent representatives—there is also this question of the co-ordination with the Cabinet Office, which also has to deal with my Committee. Do you have in No. 10 a fully specialised unit with specialists who deal equally with the negotiating instruments regarding political, economic and trade policies? Do they meet you personally in No. 10? Do they do so on a regular footing? If they don’t, do you think that it ought to happen? ...continue reading

Theresa May made a statement yesterday in the House of Commons on last week’s European Council. During the debate Bill Cash made the following intervention: ...continue reading

The House of Commons debated yesterday the Government's plan for Brexit. The MPs approved the motion proposed by Sir Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary, as amended by the Government. The MPs endorsed therefore the Government’s timetable for triggering Article 50 by the end of March next year. During the debate Bill Cash made the following interventions. ...continue reading

Sir William Cash said yesterday in the House of Commons:

Bill Cash Chair, European Scrutiny Committee : On the question of the port services regulation, does my right hon. Friend accept that it is opposed by the Government, the Opposition, the trade unions and all port employers? The issue is about to be decided by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. Does he agree that it should be voted against?

David Jones Minister of State (Department for Exiting the European Union): My hon. Friend is entirely right. The regulation is not designed for the British system. We intend to oppose it, but sadly it will be carried by a qualified majority vote.

Bill Cash, today, at the Daily Politics stressed:

“We want to focus on getting the repeal bill through and also dealing with this question of Article 50 as soon as possible.

“I think… the House of Lords is going to be difficult over this, there is no doubt about that.
“The options are to press on as quickly as possible with the Repeal Bill, that’s really what I would say and many of my friends would say. Because that’s really where the crunch comes.”

“[The Government] should invoke the Parliament Act because [the Lords] can only hold it up for 13 months.” See Bill Cash on the Daily Politics.

During yesterday’s debate on the effect of the UK leaving the EU on financial and other professional services, Sir William Cash made the following interventions: ...continue reading