Glen Ruffle: UK’s woeful lack of nation building

There seems to be an unstated assumption that being British is something indelibly ingrained onto the hearts of people from birth. No need to reinforce that identity: it is as much part of us as our own eyes and ears.

This might be a fact for those educated in public schools, brought up singing the national anthem, ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Jerusalem’.

Yet for the vast majority of the country, life is different. Educated in socialist schools that refuse to teach the empire or dare to diverge from their oppressive multicultural dogma, children learn nothing about Wellington, Nelson, Agincourt, or Blenheim. They learn nothing about why they are the products of their own history.

Instead, they are left to the vultures of the media: turned into consumerists more worried about the media agenda of feminist oppression in the United States (probably the place women are least oppressed on earth) than the care of their own neighbours. Individuals are created, devoid of any sense of home, convinced there is a plot against them.

For evidence, see those protesting the wonderful ‘Blighty’ café in London: people so blinded by hatred that they attack the very person who gave them freedom. Yet such people have grown up on a diet of foreign films, indoctrinated with stories of European 'harmony', lacking any value for freedom, as they know nothing of the struggle their ancestors undertook for it.

Nation forming is not something that happens naturally in the modern world. It needs some cultivation and development. Failure to do so results in referendums where the young largely vote to be part of an undemocratic superstate project where the voices of the people are diminished and decisions affecting their lives are taken by an unelected bureaucratic elite. The same pattern was seen in the Scottish referendum: the young voted in greater numbers to reject their heritage and embrace poverty.

This nation-forming is being actively undertaken by the Left. In Scotland, the SNP have blue-washed the country. The saltire flag is being placed everywhere in an attempt to build identity, while the Union Flag is being removed and banned from buildings.

This builds on the EU project’s methods, via which the bland EU flag has been placed on as many buildings, signs, number plates and documents as possible. Resistance is futile; all have to accept it.

Let’s compare crisis Britain with the United States. Politicians in the US are at loggerheads, yet serious moves to fracture the country, or for one State to secede from the Union, are virtually non-existent. Could it be something to do with the active state building undertaken? Daily, millions of children pledge allegiance to the flag in school; they sing the anthem at sports events, and people are proud to display their Stars and Stripes identity.

Or what about Russia, comprising over 185 different minority ethnic groups? Yet this too is a coherent state, actively projecting its interests across the world. The Russian flag is displayed patriotically on buildings; people learn and are proud of their history (well, most of it); the anthem is sung at sports events, and the young men do military service. Loyalty is being actively built.

And yet Westminster fiddles while Britain burns. There is no nation building in Britain: the military struggles to recruit because the very concept of defending one’s homeland and people has been eroded. Vacuous celebrities have become the role models for a generation, instead of the values of working hard and being resilient.

The government needs to take action quickly to maximise the value of Brexit: the Union Jack needs to be displayed; the BBC’s left-wing propaganda curbed, and that gentle pride that produces a smile when the chords of ‘Jerusalem’ are heard, welcomed back.

If govt does not act, other forces will. Far right will. Identity needs to be actively formulated

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