Glen Ruffle: The real nasty party

As Damian Green MP has recently noted, the UK election exposed some deeply worrying trends. If the Conservatives don’t take heed, the future could be a Labour-shade of red…

On 8th June 2017, millions of young people flocked to vote. Many of them have been fed the line that the Tories are the nasty party; that the Conservatives only work for the rich. What is most worrying is that many of these younger voters have been through university educations and are still unable to see the bigger picture.

Clearly, there is a need for the Conservatives to explain why Labour are the true nasty party. Away from the obvious facts that Corbyn is associated with anti-semites and has dubious links with the IRA terrorist group, Labour’s actual policies need to be understood.

Labour offers poverty for everyone. Where does the money come from for all their investment plans and pay rises for everyone? From increased taxes (making everyone poorer) or from borrowing money.

Borrowed money comes with downsides: firstly, it has to be paid back plus interest, and secondly, it puts the country into the hands of creditors, who can pressure the government to ensure that they get their money back. And of course the pay rises will push inflation higher, wiping out the effect of the pay rise in the first place.

In borrowing money, we make our children and grandchildren poorer. They are the ones who will be paying back the debts we incur. And if that does not bother a person, then we have an ample display of why Labour is the selfish party.

Constant spending debases the economy as money becomes cheap and devalued. This leads people to buy houses as alternative stores of value, which prices ordinary people out of the market. Again, the poor are the losers.

Labour expands the state and encourages the unionisation of workforces. This crushes private enterprise, creativity and dynamism, and slows growth. The overall effect is to crash the economy, making everyone poorer as companies fold and jobs are lost. Again, the only ones to lose are the poor, as the rich will have long abandoned the country.

Neither should we forget that increased state control of the economy means increased state power, threatening your privacy, making more and more daily choices into political acts, and presenting the menacing promise that the majority will bring tyranny on minority groups.

The government needs to look at educational reform and ensure universities are teaching students to look at both sides of an argument, and see beyond cheap Facebook posts. By their very nature, students lack life experience, with many not having dealt with really difficult decisions.

The political Left likes nice theories, but the complexities of life show that economic competence and limited government is the better way to human fulfilment.

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