Glen Ruffle: Forget Russian interference: just wait for the EU to get started

With one swift statement, Theresa May came forth to declare that 8th June 2017 will be election day: a day to choose hope, prosperity and freedom over European bondage, debt, servitude and loss.

Yet this will not be an easy ride. The Left are in meltdown, with nothing to lose. They will fight viciously and smear the government with many lies. Likewise, the SNP’s obsession with Scotland’s destruction will reach manic proportions.

However, the most insipid influence will come from abroad. And this time, it won’t be Russia.

Expect numerous ‘leaks’ and back-room press briefings from Euro officials on how difficult they will make Brexit negotiations; on how much it will supposedly cost Britain; on how much the economy will undoubtedly suffer; on how Europe will close its doors.

This is a time for vigilance: the true nature of Europe will become very clear. Prime Minister May has offered the hand of friendship and cooperation: if the response is undermining and knives in the back, we may indeed be better off walking away without any deal.

Let’s remember precisely what is happening in Europe: the South of the continent still has massive youth unemployment. This is a direct result of the Euro currency – Germany’s baby – being forced on them, and their economies not being able to adjust. These are not figures: they are millions of lives being wasted.

Greece, along with many other states, still have massive debts that they have to repay. Even if their economies grow quickly, the populations will spend decades or centuries paying taxes not to improve their own state, but to pay off creditors.

Meanwhile, in a desperate search for economic growth, many European states have thrown open the doors to migrants. While native populations decline, foreign groups boom, often having little regard for the host nation, and little care for the history, culture or social fabric of their new residence. Thus social tensions rise across Europe, and West steals the people who will bring economic growth from the East.

This of course does not concern the Euroelite, who blithely continue to accrue legislative powers and seek to integrate the military forces of Europe to make their treasured Euroarmy, so the EU can strike internationally and not be a laughing stock.

So as June 8th approaches, the Prime Minister has a fight on her hands to remind people of this. Special attention needs to be given not to the hackers in Moscow trying to undermine the UK election, but the politicians in Brussels.

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