Bill Cash has been saying that the UK cannot remain inside the single market. The Independent quoted Bill Cash as saying “You cannot remain… the 1972 Act has to be repealed as the only constitutional political act, which follows from the vote to leave the European Union,”

“There is no other way open to anyone. If you’re out, you’re out… therefore you can’t engage in an integrated process. You are thereby outside like America is, like Japan is – it’s no big deal, it’s perfectly simple,”.

He then stressed “Once we repeal the Act we can’t remain inside that market. Access to the market is a misnomer. I’m not saying you won’t trade with them but it’s just a misnomer.”

Bill Cash also told The Independent, “The French have to understand that not only does Brexit mean Brexit but means repeal of the 1972 Act and that’s all there is to it. These negotiations are going to be circumscribed by the outcome of the vote. It’s perfectly clear that free movement is not on our agenda. I can’t say more than that.” 


Bill Cash and The European Foundation are delighted as British people voted to leave the EU.

Bill Cash said, "I am extremely delighted and I congratulate all of my constituents on voting because it was one of the biggest turnouts in the country.

"This will hand some self-governance to the British people which people fought and died for and now we should be carrying the process of re-negotiation.

"David Cameron resigning is inevitable given the defeat he suffered in the vote and we will now be choosing a new prime minister in a few months."

"This is what people fought and died for in world wars. It is about freedom and democracy and the right to govern ourselves."

"The first thing we need to do is repeal the European Communities Act in parliament.

"We have now got to enter into negotiations with other member states. We are currently trading in the EU at a loss. It is that simple.

"I think we have got to look to an extremely positive future."


Although it was intended by European and American leaders that the creation of the European economic and political post-war settlement would contain Germany, the containment did not ever happen. My new book, From Brussels with Love, which I have co-authored, demonstrates precisely how since the end of World War Two, Britain’s leaders except for Margaret Thatcher have consistently acquiesced in, even appeased our German partner’s quest for European integration. In so doing, Britain has locked herself into the second tier of a two-tier EU, effectively dominated by Germany. ...continue reading

According to The Daily Telegraph “Between 30 and 50 Tory rebels are considering supporting an amendment tabled by Sir Bill Cash demanding an increase in the amount the Leave campaign can spend ahead of the referendum.” The Mirror also reports “Eurosceptic backbencher Sir Bill Cash has tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill designed to wreck the entire budget amid ongoing fury at the 23million leaflets being posted out by the Government this week.”

Margarida Vasconcelos @CivitasEUFacts: The government claims that the new settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union agreed by David Cameron and the other EU leaders at February’s European Council is an international law decision that is both legally binding and irreversible. First of all, it is important to stress that David Cameron has just sought some minor changes in four areas, economic governance, competitiveness, sovereignty and free movement, failing, therefore, to deliver the fundamental change that has been promised to the British people. Read the article here.


if he will provide an estimate of (a) the total level of immigration from other EU member states and (b) the annual number of people coming to settle in the UK from other EU member states which would trigger the activation of the proposed alert and safeguard emergency brake mechanism; and what discussions he has had with his counterparts in other EU member states and the European Commission on the appropriate thresholds for the emergency brake mechanism to be activated.

Priti Patel Minister of State (Department for Work and Pensions): The Department for Work and Pensions has indicated that it will not be possible to answer this question within the usual time period. An answer is being prepared and will be provided as soon as it is available.

The House of Commons held a debate yesterday on Section 5 of the European Communities (Amendment) Act 1993. During the debate Bill Cash made the following speech and interventions: ...continue reading