Today, Bill Cash published a pamphlet, Stop the EU, I want to get off, where he stresses that it is up to the Conservative Party to deliver the change in our relationship with the EU that will ensure Britain’s future in the world. According to Bill Cash the European Questions cover four key areas: the Democratic, the Economic, the Political, and the Global Questions. ...continue reading

The House of Commons debated yesterday, and approved, the draft Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Risk of Being Drawn into Terrorism) (Amendment and Guidance) Regulations 2015. During the debate Bill Cash made the following interventions and speech: ...continue reading

The European Scrutiny Committee published today its Scrutiny Reform follow-up and Legacy Report, which is highly critical of the Government for refusing to schedule debates. The Report particularly points out that the importance attached by the Government to the role of national parliaments in providing democratic legitimacy for the EU does not extend to the scrutiny that takes place in the House of Commons. ...continue reading

The EU member states have given up a substantial portion of their sovereignty so that the EU could speak with one voice at the international stage. However, despite all the claims, there is no consistent foreign policy approach, and the EU has not matched its aspirations to become a major global player. The crisis in Libya, the level of sanctions against the Syrian regime, and more recently the sanctions against Russia have shown that is unlikely for the EU to speak with one voice. In fact, even Mr Juncker has conceded that the EU common foreign policy is not working. However, he stressed the need for “a stronger Europe”. ...continue reading

In an interview to EurActiv Bill Cash said, “I believe the entire European project is dysfunctional and undemocratic.

“This is the time for it to have a rain cheque, restructure the whole thing, bring it up to date, have an association of nation states, and create a sense of values.

“I would like to see structural change in our relationship between the UK and EU, but also structural change in the EU itself, which isn’t on offer. Trade, absolutely. Political cooperation, absolutely. But the Euro is a disaster area. Political union has become an end in itself. There needs to be a scaling down of the EU institutions and more power for national governments. At the moment, the EU is leading Europe over a cliff. The UK could lead Europe out of the morass it is now, in and actually save Europe, as we have done over the last 200 years. This is not nostalgia. This is fact.” Please read the full interview here.

After repeatedly refused to appear before the European Scrutiny Committee, Lord Hall, Director-General of the BBC, has finally given oral evidence on the Committee’s follow-up work to its Report on Reforming the European Scrutiny System in the House of Commons. ...continue reading

The House of Commons debated, yesterday, the Commission Work Programme 2015. During the debate Bill Cash made the following speech and interventions: ...continue reading

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, in an article in Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper, recently confirmed what we all knew anyway: that the EU wants its own army. And the logical consequence of that is that the EU wants to become a state to which we feel loyalty. Naturally, execution of this idea would prove a disaster worse than the Euro. ...continue reading