The European Scrutiny Committee is set to inquire into the proposed increase in the UK contribution to the EU Budget.

Bill Cash said, “As Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, I am calling an urgent meeting of the Committee early next week regarding the proposed increase in the UK contribution to the EU Budget. We understand that this increase is based on a leaked Commission Document due for publication next month. I expect a Treasury Minister to appear before the Committee early next week to explain how long the Government has known about the proposed increase, what it has done about it, and what immediate action it now intends to take.”

The House of Commons discussed, yesterday, the National Audit Office’s report on managing and removing foreign national offenders. Bill Cash made the following points:

Sir William Cash (Stone) (Con): The Home Secretary is completely right in saying that there are inherent problems in the law, and also that the whole matter is very challenging. I am glad to note that the repeal of the Human Rights Act is now being reintroduced, having pushed it through when I was shadow Attorney-General in the years 2001-03. Will the Home Secretary please acknowledge that an even bigger problem is the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which is enforceable by the European Court of Justice? The other day, the European Scrutiny Committee said that the only way to deal with these problems in the European Communities Act 1972 is to amend it. If we do not do that, we will end up having continuing legal problems of the kind she has identified and no solution. ...continue reading

It’s now eight months since Russia took Crimea in response to the Maidan revolution in Kiev. Few at the start of the year forecast how badly East-West relations would have deteriorated in such a small time, and how many innocent lives would be lost.

This situation is going to be seen as a defining moment for the next twenty years. While most European leaders will be gone in the next five years, Putin will remain. And his memory, which is long and holds grudges, will remind him of how, in his narrative, the West betrayed Russia. ...continue reading

Surprisingly Jean-Claude Juncker nominated Lord Hill as European Commissioner for financial stability, financial services and capital markets union, and, obviously we should welcome this. According to David Cameron this “shows that when we campaign and fight we can get our way in the EU”. However, this is not such an important victory to the UK as it has been claimed. ...continue reading

Date: Sunday 28th September 2014
Time: 06.30pm start
Speakers: David Campbell Bannerman MEP (Conservative, Eastern Counties) Sir Bill Cash MP (Chairman, European Scrutiny Committee), Bernard Jenkin MP (Chairman, Public Administration Committee), Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP (Former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), Rt Hon John Redwood MP (Chairman, Conservative Economic Affairs Committee).
Location: THE FREEDOM ZONE, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP

The recent NATO summit in Wales has variously been described as a meaningful statement of intent or as a lot of hot air. Regardless, the Wales Summit Declaration of 5 September 2014 clearly shows that NATO and the EU are closer than ever, and suggests that the US is now pushing for more EU integration. In combination with Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, it is a gift to the European Commission. ...continue reading

The European Scrutiny Committee has raised concerns over the utility of theDraft Regulation about a framework on market access to port services and financial transparency of ports. The aim of the proposal is to “improve the efficiency and competitiveness of all EU ports” as well as “to contribute towards their ability to cope with increased demand in the transport and logistics sector.” The Chairman of the UK Major Ports Group has also raise concerns over the proposal. Around 47 UK ports are likely to fall within the scope of the draft regulation. ...continue reading